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honeybunnyveryfunny &Stop_Bothering is Sunny’s Private Account

There’s a K-Sone who got a screenshot of Taeyeon commenting on a picture by honeybunnyveryfunny.

Ok, so basically Sunny had a private IG account with the username honeybunnyveryfunny, and then changed it to stop_bothering after she opened up her main public IG account svnnynight.

Cr: @chaosmagic9


honeybunnyveryfunny caption: ‘My stomach I wonder?’

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taeyeon_ss: People who know or don’t know me are unknowingly following me. It’s so fun.

honeybunnyveryfunny: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You should follow them too~ (bond? marry yourself?) with the international fans.

taeyeon_ss: oh gosh. They’re coming! People are coming, more and more!

(Few days later, Taeyeon posts a photo of herself in Japan [the one in the carpark?], opening it for fans to communicate with her)

Cr: @closetsunshiner

watch You Tube Link of Sunny wearing the Same Cloth as in the Photo on Nov 22, 2012 click HERE

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i really don’t understand how people can get upset over idols dating.

you do not own the idols. they are not your personal little dolls that perform for you and only you. they’re real people with personal lives and they should be respected.

don’t get upset because you have to ‘share’ them with someone else. that’s a gross mentality to have. you will probably never meet them, and if you do, you’re not going to be around them long enough to develop a friendship with them or date them.

enjoy the music and the promotions and all of the tv show appearances and just be glad that your favorite idol has someone special in their life.

after all, they make you happy on a daily basis, so don’t they deserve the chance to experience that same feeling without fans making them feel guilty?

 can not agree more :/

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